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Thursday, July 01, 2004

More Coincidences - We arrive in Copenhagen

Sean asked me to remember something I said the other day, and to the best of my knowledge it was something to the effect of "The thing about coincidences is, if they don't happen, you don't remember them!" I am gifted with the ability to spout forth profundities of that sort when drinking.

Which brings me to another story. After 3 days in Berlin, we apparently felt confident enough getting around that we were mistaken for a local by a gentlemen emerging from a u-bahn stop. He asked in German where a certain street was, I answered in German and we tried to help him since he was clearly lost. He apologized for his poor German, saying he was French. We said we were Americans, which lead to him saying he was living in America actually. And where? St. Paul, Minnesota of all places, where he teaches French at the U.

Anyway, after a pleasant train and ferry ride we are now in Copenhagen. Sean's napping at the Hotel, resting up perhaps because we're not in Germany anymore and he has to learn a new language again. Actually, everyone speaks English well in Denmark anyway, so all we have to do is remember how to speak that language and we will be fine.

It's rainy tonight so we will head out to the festival tomorrow morning.