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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Misplaced Music


Wouldn't it be cool if an radio station existed that played great local music, and nothing but local music 24 hours a day? Even if that station was only a net radio station it would still be a bit of a dream come true. It's such a great idea you'd think it was one someone came up with and then somehow, uh, misplaced.

I've been giving a preview listen this weekend to such a station, Misplaced Music, now in pre-rollout final testing at Over the course of a few minutes I heard songs from bands I knew, like Shadow Box, The Jayhawks, Mason Jennings and Brad Hoshaw, and bands I didn't, like Liquid Ernie and Paul Christianson.

What's best about what I'm hearing at Misplaced Music is that it doesn't appear to be just a random selection of music. It's quality stuff. Misplaced Music's press release describes the project as "a new co-operative devoted to promoting local music of artistic merit." It should come as no surprise that members of the co-op are themselves musicians, and oversee all of its functions.

Misplaced Music will throw a kick off party at the Uptown Bar on Saturday June 19th to celebrate the completion of our online store and net radio station. The evening will feature performances by A Whisper in the Noise, Romantica, Coach Said Not To, Bill Mike, and Josh Aran.

The new net radio station hopes that by working closely with artists, labels, and publications, they will be able to foster a greater sense of community in Minneapolis.