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Friday, January 23, 2004

Voltage: Fashion Amplified Date Set

The date has been set. Voltage: Fashion Amplified, a collaboration between local fashion designers and rockers will take place on Tuesday May 25th, 2004 at First Avenue. Voltage seeks to raise funds and awareness for Youth In Music, a non-profit organization supporting local music education ensembles. is proud to be a sponsor of this event, which which will feature a runway show intertwined with rock from bands Faux Jean (who will be returning with their brand new full lineup), Revolver Modele, The Melismastics, Shadow Box, Friends Like These, Coach Said Not To and more. The members of the bands will wear clothing created specially for them by local designers.

Anna Lee of Ruby3 heads up the committee that organized the first Avenue benefit. "I am excited about the proposals we are are starting to get," Lee said earlier this week. "There are so many talented designers in this town!" Lee noted the deadline for designer submissions has been extended to February 2nd, and the full line-up of contributing designers will be announced in mid-February. (Applications for submissions are available from the Voltage website at

Youth In Music, the organization for which Voltage seeks to raise money, is a Minnesota non-profit focused on creating sustainable music education ensembles in the Twin Cities metro area. Persistent funding shortages in music education led to the formation of the organization. Their trio of programs helps sustain existing music education programs and recreate those that have lost funding. The Ensembles Creation Program facilitates extra-curricular ensembles by providing instruments, rehearsal space and instruction. The Ensemble Enhancement Program funnels donations to existing ensembles to ensure their future. And due to burgeon in 2004 is the Music In Service Program which funds public performances.

For further information on this event or to volunteer or contribute, visit the Voltage website.