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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Airwaves Dream

Mei Young tries to hide behind the microphone at KQ Sunday night.

I returned to radio on Sunday night (after an absence of about 17 years) with an appearance on KQRS's Homegrown program with Mei Young and David Campbell. Ben Weaver was this week's musical guest. We talked a little about Ben's recent tour of England and how traditional American music has been so well received in Europe in recent years. As an example of that, I pointed out that a month or so ago I'd posted the track listing of a mix CD of recent local music called "Look Ma No Prince" that I'd made for my friend Andrew Zincke in London. Though the mix CD was mostly pop and rock the heartbreaking country ballad Big Ditch Road tune "Not To Me" was a stand out track for Andrew who liked it so much he included it on a mix tape for his father. (On the other end of the spectrum, however, another stand out track for him was "Are You For Real?" by Astronaut Wife.)

Ben Weaver will make his first live appearance since his return from another successful European tour with an appearance at the Turf Club on Saturday night as part of another installment the Heartbreak and Harmony showcase, this one also featuring Kid Dakota and the Ashtray Hearts.