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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Dan Israel's thoughts on 9/11 from NYC

Dan Israel, whom I called the Energizer Bunny of the Twin Cities music scene here, is in New York City this weekend to play a solo gig Friday night 9/12 at the Living Room, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Among other things in his email update this week Dan writes:

Thursday, of course, is the 2nd anniversary of 9/11. Sometimes, when you turn on the TV these days and have such intelligent fare as "Paradise Island" or "For Love or Money" to choose from, it's easy to forget that awful day two years ago when "reality television" meant something horribly different.

Forget the political posturing, the crass attempts to cash in on a tragedy, the 3-minute capsule summaries of an event that can't be encapsulated, summarized, or even explained. In fact, I've already said more than I wanted to here, but I just wanted to say I'll end this by saying let's never forget the sacrifices made on that sunny Tuesday morning in September 2001 by some ordinary people who were thrust into extraordinary situations and did their best to help their fellow human being.

If you haven't road-tripped to NYC to see Dan, stop by the Cabooze tonight to see Steve Polz, an entertaining singer-songwriter who comes highly recommended to me by folks I trust. (You know who you are!)