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Monday, July 19, 2004

Har Mar Superstar in Shocking Family-Oriented Performance

Har Mar Superstar exhibited a surprisingly family-suitable charm on Monday night in his pre Steve McQueen movie performance at the Music and Movies in Loring Park. Playing with a live band consisting of John "Strawberry" Fields on guitar and Michael Bland on drums, Har Mar opted to close out his set in red gym shorts instead of his normal tight green underpants, and though the lyrics to the songs were the same, his toned down in-between song banter gave them a less risque feel.

Har Mar debuted his upcoming new single DUI (which stands for Dialing Under the Influence) due out in the UK on August 16th (more info here) saying "This next song is going to make a lot of people a lot of money!" a theme he returned to more than once later in his show. From his traditional "give it up for me" he dropped the "because I'm fucking awesome" part for the sake of the children.

Har Mar was the perfect gentlemen Monday night, demonstrating his ability to put on a real ALL-AGES show for anyone doubting this after the second of two appearances at the Minnesota State Fair were cancelled in 2002. A nice touch was women lining up with their ID's in hand to prove they were of age before getting a chance to snog with the flabby, sweaty celebrity.

Last weekend when flying home from Dublin, Starsky & Hutch was the in-flight movie, and I had my first chance to see Har Mar Superstar in his role as Dancin' Rick. In the film, Rick has a dance off against Ben Stiller that must be seen to be believed. Har Mar's role is larger than I thought it would be; although far from a main character, it's still more than a mere cameo. Starsky & Hutch comes out on DVD today (July 20th, 2004.)

Har Mar made his appearance in Minneapolis between shows at the Siren Music Festival in Brooklyn, New York, shows this weekend in England, and a show next month in Los Angeles with The Donna's and Ima Robot.

Here are some pictures I snapped last night at Har Mar's show in Loring Park.

Har Mar and dancer girl

Har Mar climbs on the stage railing to get a better look at the massive audience that has assembled on the grass in Loring Park to witness his performance.

Har Mar ("back stage") after changing into gym shorts jogs back onto stage to the sound of a drum roll from Michael Bland

Har Mar works the crowd.

Photographer Dave Maloney has a number of additional photos from this show in a gallery on Har Mar's site here.